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We manage the professional and institutional risk on your patient population.

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Our mission is to provide quality healthcare services in a timely and culturally sensitive manner, and to work in cooperation with community organizations and government agencies to create vibrant and healthy physical and social environments in the communities that we serve.

Comprehensive Risk Management

For Your Benefit is Astrana Health's Restricted Knox Keene License allowing us to manage both the professional and institutional risk on your patient population. This program is currently available for patients and providers in San Francisco and Los Angeles counties.

Collaborative Care Network

For Your Benefit is comprised of multiple independent physician associations (IPAs) and hospital and health systems. Astrana Health's MSO, Astrana Health Management, manages the risk for providers and members who are part of the For Your Benefit network.

Membership Benefits & Provider Guidance

As a member, you will see For Your Benefit on your health plan ID card. This means that you have an assigned Primary Care Physician and provider and hospital network. As a provider, please refer to the Provider Manual found here.

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Our Health Plans

For Your Benefit contracts with independent physician associations and health systems to manage the healthcare needs of our members with an HMO insurance plan.

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If you are a health plan or a provider wishing to join the For Your Benefit network, please fax your curriculum vitae, letter of interest, NPI, and W-9 to our contracting department at (626) 943-6373 or via email at

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